The PROTECT-IP Act (SOPA’s companion bill in the Senate) is being voted on in the Senate on Jan. 24th. Can you meet with your senators over the January recess and ask them to vote “no”? This is our best chance at stopping web censorship from becoming law. Below is a list of all known public events and meetings. If nothing is scheduled for your state, visit our forums for full instructions on how to set something up.

State Name Public Events Scheduled Meetings Position
AK Begich unknown
AK Murkowski unknown
AL Sessions unknown
AL Shelby unknown
AR Boozman YES (co-sponsor)
AR Pryor unknown
AZ Kyl unknown
AZ McCain YES (co-sponsor)
CA Feinstein YES (co-sponsor)
CA Boxer YES (co-sponsor)
CO Bennet YES (co-sponsor)
CO Udall unknown
CT Lieberman YES (co-sponsor)
CT Blumenthal YES (co-sponsor)
DE Carper Jan 11th 6:30pm – 7:30pm TELEPHONE ONLY unknown
DE Coons YES (co-sponsor)
FL Nelson 9am, Wednesday Jan 18th YES (co-sponsor)
FL Rubio NO!!! (co-sponsor)
GA Chambliss YES (co-sponsor)
GA Isakson YES (co-sponsor)
HI Akaka unknown
HI Inouye unknown
IA Grassley numerous times and events:″
YES (co-sponsor)
IA Harkin unknown
ID Crapo unknown
ID Risch YES (co-sponsor)
IL Durbin YES (co-sponsor)
IL Kirk unknown
IN Lugar unknown
IN Coats unknown
KS Moran unknown
KS Roberts unknown
KY McConnell unknown
KY Paul unknown
LA Landrieu YES (co-sponsor)
LA Vitter “Tuesday Jan. 10th
12:30 p.m in Evangeline Parish in the Turkey Creek Community Center
12850 Veterans Memorial Highway

Wednesday Jan. 11th
3:30 p.m. in Sabine Parish: Wednesday in the Many Town Hall”

YES (co-sponsor)
MA Brown Various unknown
MA Kerry unknown
MD Mikulski unknown
MD Cardin YES (co-sponsor)
ME Snowe unknown
ME Collins unknown
MI Stabenow unknown
MI Levin unknown
MN Klobuchar “Jan. 11th
at 2pm with a member of Sen. Franken’s staff in the Senator’s St. Paul office (60 E. Plato Blvd
Suite 220)!”
YES (co-sponsor)
MN Franken YES (co-sponsor)
MO McCaskill unknown
MO Blunt YES (co-sponsor)
MS Wicker unknown
MS Cochran YES (co-sponsor)
MT Tester Constituents can request meetings with the Senator unknown
MT Baucus unknown
NC Burr unknown
NC Hagan YES (co-sponsor)
ND Conrad unknown
ND Hoeven unknown
NE Nelson unknown
NE Johanns unknown
NH Ayotte YES (co-sponsor)
NH Shaheen YES (co-sponsor)
NJ Menendez YES (co-sponsor)
NJ Lautenberg unknown
NM Bingaman YES (co-sponsor)
NM Udall “THIS MONDAY Jan 9th at 2P.M in his Santa Fe office: 120 South Federal Place Suite 302.″ YES (co-sponsor)
NV Heller unknown
NV Reid unknown
NY Gillibrand YES (co-sponsor)
NY Schumer YES (co-sponsor)
OH Brown “Jan 26th, 8:30am – 9:15am” YES (co-sponsor)
OH Portman unknown
OK Coburn unknown
OK Inhofe unknown
OR Merkley Jan 10 4:30.
Jan 11 5:00.
Jan 11 11:30.
Jan 12 1:00.
OR Wyden “Jan 6, 7, 8, 9; Two on each of those days” unknown
PA Casey YES (co-sponsor)
PA Toomey unknown
RI Whitehouse Jan 10th, 5pm – 7pm
FREE DINNER at Gymnasium at Barrington High School
20 Lincoln Ave Barrington, RI 02806.″
YES (co-sponsor)
RI Reed unknown
SC DeMint unknown
SC Graham YES (co-sponsor)
SD Johnson YES (co-sponsor)
SD Thune unknown
TN Corker YES (co-sponsor)
TN Alexander YES (co-sponsor)
TX Hutchison email unknown
TX Cornyn “Next Friday Jan 13th at 3:30pm with Sen. Cornyn’s Regional Director
Sandy Edwards 221 W. 6th St.”
UT Hatch YES (co-sponsor)
UT Lee unknown
VA Webb unknown
VA Warner Jan 10th at 2pm with Webb’s staff in Washington D.C at The Russell Building (Constitution Avenue and 1st Street) Suite 248. unknown
VT Sanders unknown
VT Leahy YES (sponsor)
WA Cantwell unknown
WA Murray unknown
WI Kohl YES (co-sponsor)
WI Johnson unknown
WV What: Senator Manchin will participate in/host a town hall with area residents.
Where: Milton Senior Citizen Center, 1032 Church Street
When: 5:30 p.m.

What: Senator Manchin will host a town hall
When: January 11, 5:30 p.m.
Where: Millsop Community Center, Weirton Room, 3420 Main Street, Weirton

Milton unknown
WV Rockefeller unknown
WY Barrasso unknown
WY Enzi YES (co-sponsor)